Kaufe Camembert Powder

What you always wanted to know

Why is cheese so expensive in Thailand?

First, you should know that you need two important things, if you want to make cheese, whatever cheese. Firstly, the milk price and secondly, you need cooling.

Let's look at the example of Germany. There, a dairy farmer is currently charged 8.25 baht per kilogram of milk. Cool rooms, if there are no cellar rooms, are at least 70% of the year due to the cool weather.

For comparison Thailand.Here one kilogram of milk in the dairy is 23 baht, which is about three times as much as in Germany. And cooling? We do not have to explain the issue. Cellar is not available in Thailand and cooling has to be produced by expensive electrical equipment - over the entire production time and the following maturation period of mostly many weeks.

As a result, the question arises why producers, e.g. BUNO to offer their cheese at similar prices on the market as they are required for imported cheeses? Well, you do not need a rake.

The rule is: Sales price minus profit Supermarket minus profit Wholesaler minus profit importer minus profit Shippingcompany minus profit Import duty, minus profit exporter minus profit wholesaler in the EU minus profit of the producer.

At Buno it is easier: selling price minus purchasing costs of milk and culture. Point.

The consumer can choose. For example, if he pays 300 baht for cheese, he has either financed 70% profits from the traders or he paid the money for the honest work of the cheeses in Thailand.

Why does BUNO only produce on order?

Have you ever bought a new car? With different extras? Why was this car not in stock? You know it already, the manufacturer can not allow itself to produce cars with special wishes in advance on suspicion.

It is similar to cheese. This is a noble raw material with very limited durability. And you always want fresh products? So we can not produce on suspicion, since we do not want our customers to turn an old cheese. Our maxim is freshness and customer satisfaction!

A dealer does not pre-order, he has to wait for the maturity only at the first order, everything else is a matter of planning.

If you or your restaurant chef serve you cheese with 360 days of shelf-life, you are a taste-philistine who does not care how much chemistry you pours in yourself and your gastronome who is not interested on your own.

Why does BUNO require minimum acceptance?

Another short example at Bio Camembert. The dairy requires a minimum milk consumption of 20 Kg. This results in 19 pieces of Bio Camembert. We require 18 pieces as a minimum order because this fits better into our production scheme and the residual risk of 1 piece is acceptable.

What exactly is it with this Camembert powder?

We do not speak of food storage in the crisis time, we speak of simple practical problems in Thailand and elsewhere.

Let's say you have a resort with catering on an island. They must let everything be lured, bought and stored in large quantities. All loads that become a problem with organic food or even a health risk or a financial disaster. In order to avoid this, you becomes, in wise anticipation, refrain from purchasing such things.

With our invention of camembert powder you are relieved of these problems. The powder can be stored easily and for a long time and, if necessary, the desired quantity of powder is taken from the stock. But just the desired amount, the residual powder is still subject to simple storage.

Thus, they prevent an unnecessary buy of perishable goods, have no financial or health problem by spoiling goods, and make Camembert same as a professional, even without skills for cheese-making, for cheesing are now as simple as bread-baking.


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